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Welcome to SolutionsBooks - the premier publisher of books and materials on Solutions Focus methods in work, business and organisational settings. 

We are promoting the developing movement around Solutions Focus and other positive, minimal change technologies including Host Leadership, which value simplicity and pragmatism over complex models and ill-founded theory.

This New Wave is not a different model for change - it is a different kind of approach. We are not interested in finding grand designs. Instead, we seek ways to find the direct routes to progress, to explore the limits of what matters and what can be overlooked, in helping people and organisations move forwards in a complex and fluid world.

We welcome international rights applications.  Our foreign representative for China and Taiwan is Chinese Connection Agency, Yao Enterprises LLC - please contact them for information on rights in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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Positive Approaches to Change

Solutions Focus Working
Miracle, Solution and System

57 SF Activities for facilitators and consultants Host: Six new roles of engagement
Encounters Focus on Solutions Host Leadership Field Book

Solution-Focused Coaching for Agile Teams: A guide to collaborative leadership