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What is the best way to learn Solutions Focus, and deploy it in your workplace to maximum effect, in a wide range of situations?

In our experience, the best approach is to use carefully crafted Solutions Focused "Tools." Just as a craftsman has specific tools to do specific jobs, so in our work as communicators and agents of change, we can be at our most effective when we have a specific purpose in mind - and we use the right tool for the job.

At SFWork, we've developed a range of Solutions Focused Tools - by using them you can transform many of the most common challenges found in the workplace today.

Six Solutions Tools

Conversations come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from quick 1-1 chats in the corridor to long meetings around the board-room table, or big events in the training room. Whatever the conversation, Solutions Focus can help make it focused and fun, engaging and effective. Armed with the Six Solution Tools, you can engage with any conversation in a Solutions Focused way.

OSKAR Coaching

Whether you're a manager or a professional coach, Solutions Focused Coaching conversations help bring about remarkable results - while leaving the responsibility right where it belongs.Our training in OSKAR coaching model gives you a comprehensive toolkit for guiding a coaching conversation forward, smoothly, respectfully and very effectively.


Negotiations are some of the most crucial conversations we have. When people want different things, its easy for conflict to arise. Yet handled well, these situations are opportunities to generate increased value for all concerned, and to improve relations.Our "ART" and "MAGIC" models of SF Negotiation help you build agreements that both sides want to keep, improve relations and make efficient use of time along the way.

Conflict Management

When conflict breaks out in a team, its incredibly wasteful of time and energy. What's the best way of resolving it? Our "PARTNER" model focuses on both resolving the immediate conflict and improving the relationship for future success. As a Solutions Focused model of Conflict Management it helps move things forward quickly, but in a way that's respectful of all concerned.

Time Management

"Too much to do, and too little time to do it in." More and more people face this situation every day.  Our "iFLOW" model helps individuals build on their existing ways of working, and find small and easily implemented steps forward. With precise tailoring for the needs, preferences and situation of the individual, iFLOW Time Management is "Time Management You've Got Time For."


Everyone knows that working in a Solutions Focus way involves focusing on solutions, right? That's the part that everyone gets. Focus on the solution, not on the problem. Well, that's right, of course. And... there is so much more to SF than this. I have been thinking about how to convey all the other wonderful elements of what makes SF so different, and so effective in situations where other approaches don't seem to gain traction. So, here is my latest thinking on this - rutenso.