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As befits an approach based on collaboration, the world of SF practice is full of people eager to share their experience and know-how.

SFCT (the Association for the Quality Development of Solution Focused Consulting and Training) is our professional body. Based in Germany with a worldwide membership, we publish the InterAction journal and organise UK meetings for practitioners. Mark is currently UK chapter head, a Board member and one of the InterAction editors.

SolWorld (www.solworld.org) is an international open-access community of SF practitioners in organisations, management and business settings. Mark and Jenny were instrumental in organising the first two SolWorld conferences in 2002 and 2003, and continue to be at the centre of new developments within the group. We hold an international conference and other events each year.

SOLUTIONS-L is the email discussion group which forms part of SolWorld. It's free to join, and in November 2011 had over 600 members. To join, send a blank email to


Within a few moments, you should receive a confirmatory email - just follow the instructions, and you will be subscribed. The list features searchable archives for list members. The SOLUTIONS-L list is hosted by Lsoft (www.lsoft.com)