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Nearly twenty years experience in using and applying SF in business and organisational contexts.

Mark and Jenny are world pioneers in training and helping managers, leaders, coaches and consultants start to use SF ideas in their practice.

International experience with clients in America, Asia, Australia and all over Europe.

Scientific rigour and all-round view - Mark and Jenny assess all the developments in Solutions Focus, and have assembled the best and most reliable aspects.

Walking our talk - all the methods and techniques described are modelled and demonstrated during the workshop, so the participants learn from the overall experience as well as the detailed inputs and activities.

Project work element - all participants do 'real work' in applying the ideas to their own issues and work settings during the events.

International reputation - Mark and Jenny are well known all over the world for their work, and were pivotal in the formation of the SFiO professional body (sfio.org) and the SolWorld organisation (www.solworld.org) which runs international conferences and summer schools.

Focus on YOUR issues - every in-house course is tailored beforehand and on the day to address the issues most concerning you and your people.

Exclusive Solutions Focus Business Professional certificate programme with the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee - running twice a year with an international audience.

SolutionsBooks, our in-house publishing arm, is the world first imprint dedicated to producing the latest and best SF materials and ideas.