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Are you facing a tough situation? Is it having a serious impact on you or your organisation? Do you want to build progress rapidly?

If so, then Solutions Focus is the tool of choice. Whatever the situation, Solutions Focus helps to clarify purpose, draw out resources and find ways of making progress - right away.


For progress right across an organisation, we recommend Solutions Focused Consulting to bring about change that starts immediately and is sustainable through time.


For a team that wants to make progress, whether its at the senior management or more operational level, Solutions Focused Team Coaching helps unite a team behind its common goals, draws out its strengths, and generates actions that people want to take immediately.


For issues that face you in particular, Solutions Focused Coaching enables you to find ways forward remarkably quickly and effectively.

SF Practitioner

For people who are already familiar with Solutions Focus, we can help take your skills to another level. We can support you in particular projects or provide you with Supervision and CPD.