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Miracle, Solution and System

Miracle, Solution and System

Solution-focused systemic structural constellations for therapy and organisational change

By Insa Sparrer

ISBN 978-0-9549749-5-4
384pp paperback
Published September 2007

Miracle, Solution and System

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"Insa Sparrer's miraculous miracle book is highly
recommended reading."

Heinz von Foerster

Constellations work is an effective way of externalising and working with problems in family and organisational life. Solution focused practice is the art of building solutions as simply as possible. Insa Sparrer combines the two, and sets out a radical yet gentle form of practice.

The pioneering work of Insa Sparrer and her partner Matthias Varga von Kibéd is highly influential in Europe, and appears here in English for the first time. She combines a rigorous presentation of systemic structural constellation and solution-focused principles with many detailed case examples.

Sparrer has thought hard and written carefully about these two fields. The result is a book to be read and studied again and again by those interested in either therapy or organisational change.

"At last we have an English-language version of Insa Sparrer's extraordinarily exciting and innovative book on Structural Constellations and Solutions Focused Therapy. Insa's inspired integration of these two approaches to working with existential and practical human dilemmas offers those of both disciplines much to ponder and incorporate into our work, as well as offering those who are unfamiliar with either a useful and inspiring introduction to a new form of working with people. I thoroughly recommend this book as a valuable contribution to the field."
Vivian Broughton, Constellations Work Trainings UK


Preface by Heinz von Foerster
Foreword by Arist von Schlippe
Foreword by Thies Stahl
Foreword to the English edition

Chapter I


Chapter II

Brief Description of Solution Focused Therapy (SFT)

Chapter III

Brief Introduction to Systemic Structural Constellations (SySt)

Chapter IV

SFT and SySt constellations - similarities, differences and equivalents

Chapter V

Combining Solution Focused Therapy with Systemic Structural Constellations

Chapter VI

The nine and twelve square constellations

Chapter VII

The goal approximation constellation

Chapter VIII

The solution constellation

Chapter IX

The solution geometrical interview

Chapter X

The advantages of combining SFT and SySt

Chapter XI

Solution focused living

Postscript: Recent developments
Appendix 1: The PeneTRANCE model
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