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Introduction to SF


Get the most out of people: Take Response-Ability
By Mark McKergow
We're all familiar with the idea of taking responsibility - being the one who organises things, takes charge and is accountable for what happens. But do you find that, despite all your efforts, you aren't getting the most out of your people - employees, colleagues, suppliers, contacts? Then it's time to shift your focus from responsibility to Response-ability.

SF: Another Copernican revolution?
By Jenny Clarke
In this article produced for the EBTA 2012 conference, Jenny Clarke looks at how SF turns our thinking upside down.
first published in Upside Down: Soltion Focused Paradigms - Revolutions and Evolutions edited by A Lewinski, J Szczepkowski and T Switek. Published by Wydawnictwo Edukacyjne AKAPIT, Torun 2012.
ISBN 978-83-89163-47-0

Solution-focused Management
By Mark McKergow
An landmark review of the research and writings about applications of SF to management. Published as a chapter in "Solution-Focused Brief Therapy", Cynthia Franklin, Terry Trepper, Eric McCollum & Wallace Gingerich, eds, Oxford University Press, 2011.

The Keys To Unlock Leadership
By Steve Onyett, Mark McKergow and Justine Faulkner (AWP NHS Trust)
How SF coaching has helped increase leadership capacity in the NHS (published in Health Service Journal 17 September 2009 p 24).

Solutions Focus - How to change everything by changing as little as possible
By Dr Mark McKergow
An excellent introduction to the wonderful world of Solutions Focus (SF). Would it surprise you to know that a new approach to change is gathering momentum fast in the business and organisational world? SF comes originally from the world of mental health and psychological change, where it is transforming our understanding of people and how they work.

No More Heroes
Mike Brent and Mark McKergow report
Leaders are finding that a traditional directive approach no longer gets the job done. Could solution-focused coaching be the answer in these more ambiguous times?
(published in Coaching At Work, Vol 4, Issue 5, pp 44 - 48, September 2009 )

A Comparison of Appreciative Inquiry and Solutions Focus
by Kendy Rossi, Tricia Lustig & Mark McKergow
This overview presents key aspects of Solutions Focus and Appreciative Inquiry side by side. The similarities and differences are clearly visible, and the authors' collective experience of both fields makes this as definitive a document as could be desired. To read comments on the differences from an SF perspective by Jenny Clarke, click here.

The Solutions Focus: Keeping It SIMPLE In The Learning Organisation
by Mark McKergow
Mark McKergow compares and contracts Solutions Focus with other systemic change methodologies, including systems thinking and Appreciative Inquiry.
Published in a German translation by Mag. Sonja Radetz as 'Der Lösungfokus in der Beratung - Keep it simple", Lernende Organisation (Vienna) No 10 ( Nov/Dec 2002 ), pp 28-33.

Harry Enfield, Hamlet and the Solutions Focus
by Paul Z Jackson and Mark McKergow
The Solutions Focus offers a refreshing method of change. Derived largely from an innovative strand of psychotherapy, it is increasingly applied within organisations. It is deceptively simple, yet by no means easy, as Paul Z Jackson and Mark McKergow explain.
Organisations and People 8, No 1 pp 26 - 31 2001.