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57 SF Activities for facilitators and consultants

57 SF Activities for facilitators and consultants

Edited by Peter Röhrig and Jenny Clarke

ISBN 978-0-9549749-6-1
332pp hardback
Published May 2008

57 SF Activities for facilitators and consultants

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"...the most thorough collection of SF activities available...These activities are suitable for the world of teams and organisations, coaching and training, project planning and vision development, conflict resolution and team development, leadership training and organisational development issues" - from the Foreword by Matthias Varga von Kibéd

Facilitators and consultants from all over the world share their experience in this rich collection of Solution Focused activities for workshops and team events. Clear step-by-step instructions let you use them straight away - or adapt and combine them as you wish.

This book helps you to:

  • Maximise the effectiveness of your workshops, team meetings and projects
  • Use creative stimulating activities with confidence and precision
  • Create even more ideas and processes for your own situations

The activities are helpfully arranged for easy access.

  • Before the workshop begins
  • Off to a good start
  • Containing problems and conflicts
  • Looking at resources
  • The future perfect: developing visions and strategies
  • Spotting progress
  • Interaction in action
  • Taking the learning back to the workplace
  • How was it for you?
  • The next session
  • How do you add SF to your toolkit?


About the editors:

Dr Peter Röhrig is a partner in ConsultContor in Germany. SF informs all his work, especially in training and in quality development. His work is firmly rooted in practicality and pragmatism.

Jenny Clarke is co-director of The Centre for Solutions Focus at Work in the UK. She is an experienced manager, consultant and coach and has worked with SF ideas in organisations worldwide for over fifteen years.

Peter and Jenny have both been members of the SOLWorld Steering Group since it began in 2002.


Preface by Matthias Varga von Kibéd

Chapter 1: What's this book about?
An interview with Peter Röhrig by Jenny Clarke

Chapter 2: Before the workshop begins
Compact contracting by Wilhelm Geisbauer
Mission impossible? by Klaus Botzenhardt
Getting going before the workshop by Alan Kay


Chapter 3: Off to a good start
Resource telephone by Dominik Godat
Team spirit by Josef Grün
What's in it for me? by Björn Johansson and Eva Persson
Large group warm-up by Alasdair Macdonald
What do we have to get right? by Mark McKergow
Sparkling moments by Mark McKergow
Structured goal chat by Daniel Meier
The miracle at work by Lilo Schmitz
The solution onion by Lilo Schmitz


Chapter 4: Containing problems and conflicts
A container for problems by Carey Glass
Getting co-operation when teams are in conflict by Lilo Schmitz
Successes by Barry Winbolt
Three in one by Inge Zellermann


Chapter 5: Looking at resources
Ubuntu by Liselotte Baeijaert and Anton Stellamans
Anchors and buoys in the competence sea by Liselotte Baeijaert and Anton Stellamans
The triple by Ben Furman
Walk talk by Gesa Niggemann
Quality mirror by Peter Röhrig
Messages in boxes by Annette Lentze and Gabriele Röttgen-Wallrath
Love letters by Frank Taschner
The resource market by Stephanie von Bidder


Chapter 6: The future perfect: developing visions and strategies
Dream theatre 20XX by Yasuteru Aoki
The reflecting telescope by Annie Bordeleau
Wish soup by Dominik Godat
Once upon a solution by Michael Goran
A round trip to the future by Michael Hjerth
Future perfect: documentary by Paul Z Jackson
Metaphor magic by Loraine Kennedy and Lina Skantze
Looking back to the future by Hans-Peter Korn
Strategy hike by Christine Kuch
Dream team by Armin Rohm
Focus five by Klaus Schenk


Chapter 7: Spotting progress
The scaling walk by Paul Z Jackson
Error management by Susanne Keck
Coaching time out by Thomas Lenz
Reflection break by Daniel Meier


Chapter 8: Interaction in action
The UNO game by Kirsten Dierolf
Your team in flow by Bert Garssen
Mini-coaching with maxi-effect by Daniel Meier
Learning from good examples by Peter Röhrig
Solution focused interview with absent team members by Insa Sparrer


Chapter 9: Taking the learning back to the workplace
Noticing your secret buddy by Jane Adams
How I see you - and how I think you see me by Madeleine Duclos
Footsteps by Dominik Godat
Team treasure chest by Josef Grün
Perspective X by Josef Grün
The scaling party by Michael Hjerth
My secret good resolution by Peter Röhrig
Taking it forward - from ideas to action by Janine Waldman


Chapter 10: How was it for you?
SF Evaluation by Felix Hirschburger
Progress monitoring as transfer assistance by Susanne Keck


Chapter 11: The next session
Starting the day by Mark McKergow
Wouldn't it be nice? by Peter Szabó
Solution focused speed dating by Penny West


Chapter 12: How do you add SF to your toolkit?
By Peter Röhrig and Kirsten Dierolf