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9 keys to Accelerated Learning

This set of tools was devised by Mark in the mid-1990s*, as a way of connecting trainers, facilitators, instructors and learning designers to the wonderful range of approaches called 'accelerated learning'. Courses based on these principles were very successful - Mark ran over three hundred AL courses over the years!  It's still good stuff, and surprisingly few trainers and learning designers use it. 


The nine keys are:

1. Inspire the Desire
2. Create the Learning Environment
3. Give the Big Picture first, then the details
4. Start with what they know already
5. Speak only of Success
6. Engage Multiple Intelligences
7. Build in memory hooks
8. Multi-layer your learning
9. Rehearse and perform as part of the learning


As you can see, these fit very well with the SF ethos. Mark's suite of accelerated learning materials also includes his own version of the learning cycle as well as many tips and tools for designing brilliantly effective trainings and workshops. And of course, we use all these principles in our own courses on SF.

Interested to join an experiential three-day course in using Accelerated Learning ideas?
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* There were originally ten keys, developed by Mark following his own experiences with AL, in particular SEAL co-founder Michael Lawlor. We revised these to nine (different) keys to take account of further developments in brain research and learning.