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Solutions Focus Working

80 real life lessons for successful organisational change

By Mark McKergow and Jenny Clarke

ISBN 978-0-9549749-4-7
224pp paperback
Published May 2007

Solutions Focus Working

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Fourteen organisations all over the world tell the stories of how Solutions Focus has helped them to change - and show you many ways to find what works in the workplace.

"Filled with the wisdom of profound simplicity. I highly recommend this insightful and practical book."
Stephen MR Covey, author of The Speed of Trust

"A superb book for anyone interested in how to address change."
Mike Brent, Ashridge Business School

"An invaluable practical resource"
Dr Sabine Demkowski, The Coaching Centre

"A 'must read' recommendation... It immediately expands the applications of the brilliant Solutions Focus approach"
Paul R Scheele, author of Photoreading and Natural Brilliance

This book is a massive fund of experience and know-how about keeping organisational change simple. The fourteen real life cases described here illustrate the Solutions Focus approach in action from widescale change to everyday effective management.

The cases come from a wide range of organisations, including Lufthansa, British Sky Broadcasting, Bayer Cropscience, the Cooperative Group, the Ontario Medical Association and Freescale Semiconductor. They worked on issues including restructuring, strategy development, sales improvement, continuous improvement, team development, outplacement, training and job satisfaction.

International consultants and Solutions Focus pioneers Mark McKergow and Jenny Clarke guide you through the ins and outs of each case, and draw 80 lessons which you can use in building positive change at work and keeping things as simple as possible - but no simpler.


Chapter 1: Introducing Solutions Focus

Chapter 2: The Power Of One

When coaching one man changes an organisation
Carey Glass and the Cooperative Group

Chapter 3: Engaging people for innovation

Bringing strategy to life in Canadian healthcare
Minna Graham and the Ontario Medical Association

Chapter 4: Turning the tables on quality

Solutions Focus meets continuous improvement at Sky TV
Trevor Durnford and British Sky Broadcasting

Chapter 5: Back To The Future

Increasing Sales with Positive Differences
Kathrin Bauer, Günter Lueger and Magazzin

Chapter 6: Making sense of information

Developing a patient-friendly framework for hospital planning
Peter Röhrig and the Cologne Local Health Conference

Chapter 7: Small steps and Trojan mice

One manager's story of using SF in everyday work
Mona Hojab and Peabody Trust

Chapter 8: Optimising the Organisation

Restructuring at Freescale Semiconductor
Jenny Clarke and Freescale Semiconductor

Chapter 9: Solutions Focus Tackles Complexity

Finding a way forwards through the legal and regulatory jungle
Kirsten Dierolf and Bayer Cropscience

Chapter 10: Creating a future when facing redundancy

Solutions Focused outplacement at Lufthansa Cargo
Monika Houck and Lufthansa Cargo

Chapter 11: Getting a team working together

Establishing more effective ways of working for a senior team
Peter Szabo, Daniel Meier and EB Zurich

Chapter 12: Listening and letting go

Transforming a training department
Mark McKergow and Chelsea Building Society

Chapter 13: Change is in the eye of the beholder

Improving job satisfaction in Sweden
Bjorn Johansson, Eva Persson and Lund employment office

Chapter 14: Project management - surprisingly light and successful

How to stage an international conference without an action plan in sight
SOL 2005 Interlaken conference team

Chapter 15: What went well?

Addressing a business disaster with Solutions Focus
Hans Zeinhofer and Energie AG Vertrieb GmbH

Chapter 16: Solutions Focus Working

Eighty lessons for successful organisational change



More advance praise for Solutions Focus Working...

"There's a big difference between simplistic and simple. The former tends to be superficial (largely because it's on the "near side of complexity") while the latter is profound (having arrived on the "far side of complexity"). Mark McKergow and Jenny Clarke have delivered the latter - a very informative book filled with the wisdom of profound simplicity. I highly recommend this insightful and practical book."

Stephen M. R. Covey, author of The Speed of Trust

"A superb book for anyone interested in how to address change, clearly laid out and with a range of different types of interventions and organisations. The case studies highlight the benefits to real managers in real organisations facing real issues! There will definitely be something for you in this book whether you are a manager, a coach, a change agent or simply someone who wants to understand how the SF approach can work in organisations. This extremely well laid out and practical book brings together both the theory and practice of the SF approach to change in a crystal clear way."

Mike Brent, Programme Director, Ashridge Business School

"This book shows a number of paradoxes at play. To go faster, go slower. To achieve a vision, don't develop a concrete strategy. To achieve great change, take small steps. To get it right, tell people when you've got it wrong - and do something different. Applying the SIMPLE approach is not always easy. Thankfully, as these real-world case studies show, it is clear that it can be energising, engaging - and enjoyable! The SF approach is quick and fun, yet deep enough to deliver long-term lasting results."

Dr Emma Langman, Business Excellence Manager, Atkins

"The book is an invaluable practical resource book for people who are serious about developing people and creating real solutions. This is a practical guide from practitioners for practioners. It provides many examples and evidence that demonstrate that what works in real life does not need to be complicated."