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If you want to improve team performance, Solutions Focused Team Coaching offers a rapid, cost-effective way to get more from your people - and help them have fun along the way.

Solutions Focused Team Coaching involves the team in:

  • Engaging with the topic(s) at hand, finding points of contact are areas where people feel most strongly motivated to contribute
  • Considering how each relevant stakeholder group will benefit from progress and change - further engaging individual motivation
  • Defusing any tensions by respectfully hearing concerns from team-members - in a way which is time-efficient, energising, and generates a spring-board for future progress,
    • Establishing aims, in a way which is both imaginative and practical, specifc and  flexible.  
    • Stepping beyond differences of opinion, creating aims which are attractive to all
    • Valuing different perspectives as a means to establish truly resiliant solutions
    • Drawing out strengths - in the individuals, the team and the wider organisation
    • Building on those strengths to find ways forward which individuals are genuinely motivated to act on - immediately!


    In short, a workshop - or series of workshops - with a solutions focus will soon have everyone drawing on their strengths, and working more collaboratively and purposefully together.  However tough a situation the team is facing, progress will start right away.

    Case study: Helping a team in conflict

    The situation was one of a clash of approaches.  The manager, a direct man with a track record of succeeding through direct communication in difficult parts of the world.  The team, broadly Scandinavian, struggling with difficult market conditions and also valuing their participative and consensual approach. The result – one thing led to another, mutterings in the corridor turned towards outright complaint, and it seemed as if something had to give.  The trade unions got involved and European HR heads began to think seriously about what to do. 

    Fortunately, someone thought about SF as a way of building progress in tough situations and got in touch with Mark.  Some preparation led to a one-day workshop with everybody involved.  With his usual combination of holding possibilities and a delicate touch, conclusions were reached that everyone wanted to carry out, and they all agreed to go on together.  Even six months later, the progress continued.   

    The team manager wrote afterwards to say:

    “On behalf of the team, I would like to thank you for an exceptional day. It does not happen often that one can really sense the energy in a room.  That was clearly the case during our Team Day.  Your contribution was very important in bringing us all to this new level.”

    The European HR director, who was also present, said:

    “A very practical team workshop – the right flow of exercises leading to personal commitments, plenty of variety and mixing, good contact with the group beforehand, just the right amount of time taken.  Thank you once more for your help and inspiration for me!

    To find out how we can most effectively coach your team, call us on +44 (0)8453 707145, or email info@sfwork.com