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We often help groups of managers and coaches who are already using SF in their work. We offer:

Supervision for coaches

Bring your real-life difficult coaching cases for supervision with our experience trainers - and take your coaching to the next level.


What do you do with Solutions Focus? Coaching? Managing? Facilitating? Negotiating? Whatever your application, our masterclasses for your context will enable you to learn from top people in the field and significantly boost your confidence and effectiveness. Recent clients include the Metropolitan Police and Impuls (Netherlands)


Want to get your conference off to a great start? Want to engage people in your event and really get them thinking? Want to give your gathering a Solutions Focused spin? Whatever angle you're looking for, our keynotes really get things buzzing.

Bespoke Training

Do you have a unique training need? Our speciality is bringing Solutions Focused principles to bear on new applications. So if you have a need that's not listed here, we'd be delighted to hear from you. We'll help you clarify exactly the benefits you're seeking - and see if we can find an exciting and innovative way to deliver them.


For more details of we can help you use Solutions Focus, call us on +44 (0)8453 707145, or email info@sfwork.com, and tell us what you want!