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Bring Solutions Focus to bear on your organisation's sticking points

We have lots of experience of consulting to organisations - in order to facilitate progress on difficult issues, and to advise on implementing SF ideas.

Facilitating progress on difficult issues

Freescale Semiconductor

Freescale Semiconductor (formerly Motorola Semiconductor) asked us to help with a reorganisation of their plant. We worked with the internal project team and helped them to identify the key issues, then designed and ran a workshop bringing together all the key stakeholders in examining 'what's working' about the current structures and systems, as well as possible better futures. This led to a redesigned structure with an additional role - which in turn was developed and designed by the stakeholders with our help.

"Thanks again to Mark and Jenny for leading a great workshop. You have opened our eyes to a new way of working and set new expectations for what can be delivered from a team with the correct focus and methodology."

Ron Dickinson, Freescale Semiconductor


Advising on implementing SF ideas in your organisation

Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society wanted to change their performance review process to bring a positive focus and help to enhance the performance of all employees. We helped them review their existing processes, keep what worked and build on it with a revised process. We then helped them to develop training and support materials for managers, and ran briefing sessions for senior managers.

"An excellent management tool - has definitely changed my outlook."

Regional Sales Manager, Nationwide.


Our consultancy approach

Our practice is well grounded in practice and in the principles surrounding the solution focused approach. Our small team of experienced and thoughtful consultants has a barrel-load of personal and practical experience in large organisations. Our skill, enthusiasm and personal touch are renowned around the world.

We like to work with people from the client organisation. Often we can combine consulting and training into a project, where we can work with you to both move your organisation forwards, and help you understand and learn the Solutions Focus approach as we do so. Then, you can start to help yourselves too - with as much or as little guidance and advice as you wish.

Contact us to discuss bringing the positive power and pragmatism of Solutions Focus to help your organisation.