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If you're facing a tough situation, you can actually have Mark McKergow as your coach! Mark and the other sfwork team members can act as one-to-one coaches for leaders and managers who want the very best help to build progress rapidly. There are a very limited number of slots available, so get in touch and see how we can help.

Options include:

  • A series of coaching sessions - face-to-face and/or by phone
  • A one-off coaching session, with options to extend the relationship
  • A call-off coaching service which can be used as you see fit.

"A great help through a difficult period, and excellent value for money. My colleagues would be delighted to be the recipients of such support." Director, Luxembourg.

If you're a coach or consultant looking for support, ask about our supervision options and packages.

“Your affirmations were amazing and felt so genuine. They gave me a warm glow and a belief in myself that I have never received from anyone else.”

“This has been a wonderful life changing opportunity that I will cherish and treasure.  It’s really helped me back on the right road for me!“

Coachees from SF Coaching for Leaders programme


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