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Good Results and Good Relations - Quickly!

Solutions Focused Negotiation
with Shakyakumara and Mark McKergow

Shakya Kumara

Sometimes you can negotiate quickly. Sometimes you can get what you really want. And sometimes you know you've built a good solid working relationship. But how often can you get all three?

The MAGIC negotiation model is all about creating agreements both sides want to keep, while building good relations, and not wasting any time in the process. There's a clear structure that makes negotiation quick, easy and enjoyable to learn. People often report dramatic increases in confidence from just a little practice with MAGIC.


"MAGIC negotiation does exactly what it says on the tin - two days of logical progression through to a series of negotiation techniques which are indeed magic." - Paddy O'Brien, author, and director of Lifelab Ltd

MAGIC is a way of going about seeking solutions which are better for both sides - better than current positions, better than mere compromise. The process guides discussions towards joint solution-building, which can be quite enjoyable and creative. It's a collaborative process so relations naturally improve.

"My confidence to represent my interests effectively went from 2 out of 10 at the beginning of the coaching session to 8 out of 10 at the end. This change proved to be a sustainable one - the acutal negotiation went very well." - Peter Szabo, author of Brief Coaching for Lasting Solutions

But what about negotiating in the face of hard-nosed bargaining, or dirty tricks? MAGIC offers ways of respectfully acknowledging the other - without in any way giving in. It gives ways to bring the conversation back to the real work: building a solution which will work for all. MAGIC gives people confidence to hold their ground, and the clarity to avoid being taken for a ride. It gives the confidence to know when to say yes - and when to walk away.

Done badly, negotiation can consume much of our working - if not waking - lives. How much time do we spend in meetings, waiting for people to reach agreement? MAGIC negotiation offers a better way, to step beyond stuck positions and quickly reveal ways forward for all.

"After using MAGIC to negotiate my first ever freight-forwarding contract, the Sales Manager told me I was a good negotiator and I should learn to play poker!!" - Isabelle Felix, International Logistics Manager, Windhorse:Evolution

The MAGIC approach to negotiation builds on the work of the Harvard Negotiation Project. It adds:

  1. A memorable framework. This makes for ease of learning and precision in guiding negotiations
  2. Solutions-focused tools for simplicity, clarity and efficiency

You might be negotiating a major new contract with a powerful opponent, or a way forward in a meeting with a trusted colleague. You might be negotiating with a provider or customer, a collaborator or your boss. Whatever the situation, good negotiation skills can help you get better results, more quickly - and improve relations in the process.

Next Steps

Solutions Focused Negotiation is available as an in-house training programme. We also offer coaching in negotiation, using the MAGIC model, preparing people to get excellent results from crucial negotiations.

To discuss your particular requirements, call +44 (0)8453 707 145 or email info@sfwork.com.

"The course design and pace enabled me to learn negotiation techniques that WENT IN. I had an important negotiation soon afterwards and found that my thinking was creative and focused - I had so much more confidence! I got everything I hoped for without compromise, directly because of the MAGIC technique. Well worth every penny!" - Julie Gregory, Director, Clear & Creative People