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SF Coaching for Leaders programme

 Building positive change for leaders and managers

This popular programme offers senior staff a full six months of support in using and benefiting from SF ideas in the workplace.

The programme objective is to develop a coaching leadership style over the duration of the programme (nominally 6 months). This is achieved by experiencing coaching at three different levels:

  • Level 1: Training to be a coach (including supervision and review)
  • Level 2: Coaching direct reports and reflecting on the experience
  • Level 3: Being coached by an external coach

"Your enthusiasm and energy made this the single most enjoyable and rewarding experience I've been on - I've seen big improvements in my work as a result and hope to reap the rewards for time to come."  Steve Batson, Modern Matron, NHS


Programme structure

programme structure

Benefits to the organization include

  • developing a coaching leadership style that enables participants to develop and manage staff through transformational coaching rather than  traditional transactional management
  • enabling participants to play a highly visible role in promoting and adopting coaching
  • enabling staff to experience coaching first-hand and to promote critical reflective dialogue on how management and leadership can be distributed, empowered and improved

"The whole atmosphere was warm and facilitative"  Clinical Psychologist Manager


Benefits to the participants

The programme allows the participants to:

  • learn how to coach using a shared coaching model in the controlled environment of an initial two day workshop that integrates theory and skills practice
  • develop these coaching skills offering coaching support to their reports or other volunteers who wish to be coached
  • develop a coaching leadership style and improve this through supervision
  • facilitate their own personal development through the experience of receiving 1:1 executive coaching and critically reflecting on this in a reflective learning log
  • understand through this experience of both coaching and being coached how their own managers can learn and develop through critical reflection
  • contribute to developing an organisation-wide coaching capability and culture, leading by example


"Thank you for this quality training.  I learnt a lot and it has helped me feel more positive about my job and my workload.  The value of riding the wave of my workload and not getting drowned by it - energising rather than deflating."  Helen Mason, Art Therapist, Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust

We offer this for groups of between six and twelve people in a cohort.  Organisations often book several cohorts once they have experienced the power of the process. 

"I feel I have really benefited both professionally and personally from completing the course and in particular from receiving the coaching.  My challenge is now to continue using these skills in all aspects of my job.!  Katie Macdonagh, Nurse Manager, AWP