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Host leadership


Mark McKergow's development of the metaphor of leader as host, host as leader, is attracting attention around the world.

"Mark McKergow presents a different, exciting perspective for those of us seeking meaning in a world of colossal complexity and unbounded possibilities."  Prof Beverly Alimo-Metcalf 


A host is someone who entertains guests - friends, enemies or strangers. Traditions of hospitality have been a key part of all cultures worldwide. The metaphor of the leader as host builds on the idea of leader as servant, and offers a new, rooted yet innovative framework.

For more information, visit our separate Host Leadership website at www.hostleadership.com

Where you can:

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  • Join the host leadership community for updates, conversations and much more
  • Find out how to introduce the powerful host leadership framework to your organisation
  • Contribute and read experiences of host leadership in action
  • Read the latest news about host leadership as the idea develops

“This is a truly inspired and thought-provoking concept for the modern world. I really like it!”  Roger Steare, Professor of Organizational Ethics, Cass Business School, London

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