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Coaching programmes

These two-day introduction workshops are an excellent way to start to build your knowledge and experience of SF methods. You'll find lots of SF ideas to put straight into practice. All our own courses will feature the chance to discover the simplicity and power of finding what works, with lots of opportunity to practise skills and build on your own expertise and interests.

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"Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic two days. It was the best workshop I have been on for a long time both for then usefulness of the content and also the way it was taught. I am certainly feeling very motivated to put the SF approach to work, indeed I have already done so!" Gavin Meikle, Inter-Activ Coaching

"A really good course about a fundamentally important way of working with people." Ned Skelton, Clean Coaching Company

Course objectives

During the programme you will...

  • Discover and experience the Solutions Focus approach - the SIMPLE way to positive change
  • Practice using the OSKAR coaching model
  • Build your coaching competence with many activities and practice sessions
  • Realise the subtle differences in practice between these and other approaches
  • Apply the learning to your own issues straight away in the classroom
  • Discover the international community of SF coaches and practitioners
  • Be able to assess your organisation's current practices and start to see possibilities for progress

Workshop benefits

By learning these skills, you will be in a position to

  1. Make your people better managers and your managers better people
  2. Improve the transfer of knowledge and skills within your organization
  3. Harness coaching to drive business performance
  4. Retain your talent
  5. Get results in a humane, effective fashion
  6. Create an environment where everyone can contribute

Using the OSKAR model, you will

  1. Discover when to coach - and when not to
  2. Learn how to deploy the power of stories to share know-how and get the message across
  3. Hone your skills in practice
  4. Create new routes for sharing the know-how that will benefit your organization
  5. Make the most of your people
  6. Build renewed motivation
  7. Find the key actions to drive performance

These coaching methods are now making significant differences within organizations including Walkers, PepsiCo, Syngenta and Nationwide, and are helping many individual executives achieve what they want to achieve.

"It is wonderful to be remnded from a different angle that simplicity is more effective than complexity." Michael Brown, management consultant and coach

"Thoroughly enjoyed and been motivated by the two days. As a pragmatist, it's good to have tools for my tool kit." Viv Holt - Consultant, Capita Learning and Development

Next Steps

If you are interested in an OSKAR coaching programme for your organisation, email info@sfwork.com or call +44 (0)8453 707145, to discuss your particular requirements.

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