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Learning Solutions Focus

Solutions Focus is a remarkable approach to generating progress. When this approach is used with people, they consistently find themselves clearer about their direction, more confident in their strengths and more ready to take immediate, effective action..

Would you like to learn to use this approach in your work? We offer a number of options for you:


Solutions Focus Professional

If you're a consultant or coach, trainer or facilitator, the Solutions Focused approach can transform your work. Our Solutions Focus Professional programme is the world leading course in Solutions Focus principles and their application to working with organisations.

SF Coaching for Leaders and Managers

Its no secret that Leaders and Managers in today's organisations are facing unprecedented pressure to deliver outstanding performance on a routine basis. To achieve this, they need to enlist the help of all the people who work for them - and help those people to develop their capacity to contribute at peak effectiveness. Our SF Coaching for Leaders and Managers programme enables leaders and managers to do just that. It includes four workshops and six coaching sessions for each participant, to really immerse them in Solutions Focused ways of working. The benefits are immense. (We can also tailor a programme to meet your particular needs).

Coaching Programmes

If you prefer a short programme to learn Solutions Focused coaching skills, for immediate deployment in the workplace, our Solutions Focused Coaching two day workshop may be just what you need.

SF for Trainers

Do you want to add the power of Solutions Focus - and Accelerated Learning - to your training? If so, our SF for Trainers course may be just what you're looking for.


Already an established SF practitioner? Want to take it to the next level?Why not try out our Masterclasses?


Want an inspiring speaker for your conference or event - someone who can really energise people and get them thinking? Mark McKergow, author of The Solutions Focus and renowned world leader in the application of SF to organisational excellence, is available as a Keynote speaker.

Design Your Own Solutions Focused Training

Do you want to learn how to use Solutions Focus in some other way that's not listed here? We specialise bespoke programmes carefully tailored to the precise needs of your organisation. We are continually exploring new ways of deploying Solutions Focus, and designing new models to help. So if you want something special, we offer to help you "Design Your Own Solutions Focused Training"

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