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Accelerated Learning for trainers

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Back by popular demand - Mark's fantastic accelerated learning material for trainers

Running 14-16 May 2014, Missenden Abbey, Buckinghamshire 

Book at http://accel-learn.eventbrite.co.uk/ - places limited to just 12

More effective, faster, easier learning and training? Less time and money spent, less time wasted in ineffective courses. Mark McKergow combines his renowned Accelerated Learning material with addition SF input, making this the UK's leading development for trainers of all kinds - management skills, technical, product or safety training.

Comments from the 2013 course:

“An unforgettable and extremely worthwhile course – bravo!  I have reshaped my design already for my workshop.”  Gayl Long

“Fantastic to share such a rich learning experience!  I am looking forward to integrating some of the ideas on my programme tomorrow…”  John Jennings, TATE (UK)

“I never imagined it was going to be so transforming.  Yesterday I began re-drafting my training materials and I could see how a miracle was happening – things new and unexpected were emerging.”  Leah Davcheva, Aha Moments (Bulgaria)

“A rich, fertile experience for me.  It has given me so much to think about – the mere fact that thoughts are distilling and connections being made nearly a week later is testament to the quality of the approach.”  Sophie Cook

“The course has also given me much more confidence in the specialness of being a trainer - it's not rocket science, it's much more subtle and fascinating than that.”  Janette McCulloch  


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Accelerated Learning has been found to increase rates of learning by a factor of 2 to 3.
Amongst the distinctive elements of Accelerated Learning are:

  1. Making maximum use of all of the natural learning abilities we possess, in a structured and flexible way.
  2. Using methods developed from brain research to facilitate learning, allowing learners to use more of their abilities and develop underused learning skills.
  3. Communicating and learning on several different levels at once, maximising the impact for learner and organisation.
  4. Using the idea of Multiple Intelligences to allow all students to learn effectively, whatever their individual preferences and skills.
  5. Maintaining a total focus on the learners' ability to apply new learning in real situations.


SF for Trainers

Mark McKergow has been applying these ideas to learning and training situations since 1991. With his science background, Mark has explored all kinds of ideas and methods over the years. In this acclaimed workshop he both explains and demonstrates a whole set of ideas and influences which are both coherent and will equip you for your next learning, training and facilitation challenges.




"Your programmes have had a huge impact on the quality of our training."
Paul Rann, BNFL Magnox Generation, UK

Now, by popular demand we have brought back the best of this material and combined it with examining the use of SF ideas in process of training. The fit between the progress-focus of SF language and the variety of AL methods really makes this an event to savour.

"The most useful money we've ever spent - more please!"
Sally McAuley, Devon County Council, UK

Our popular and acclaimed workshops for trainers have run since 1995.
In a typical workshop, you will:

  1. Learn how the Solutions Focus approach can be used in the training room
  2. discover more about your brain, how you use it and how to make the most of it
  3. experience the "9 Keys" - our nine key principles of Accelerated Learning
  4. explore the continuing story of the development of learning methods
  5. learn about different learning strategies and types of intelligence and how to appeal to everyone's preferences
  6. be able to apply the 6-stage Accelerated Learning cycle to your own work
  7. explore the subtleties of multi-layered learning design
  8. use an efficient and proven Design Process to produce and enhance your own materials
  9. work on your own "project" - a real piece of work you are designing or delivering
  10. design learning activities using Multiple Intelligence approaches
  11. consider many way to maintain learners' interest, energy and self esteem
  12. hear how Solutions Focused facilitation and language can lead to enhanced learning and flow
  13. find out the latest about using of music and how it can enhance your courses
  14. obtain personal coaching on your own work and materials to ensure you know
        - how to appeal to all types of learner
        - how to balance different activities and maintain motivation
        - how to teach 3 things at once
        - 67 ways to engage multiple intelligences

Programme Outline

DAY 1:

Theme: Solutions Focus and Accelerated Learning

10.00am Welcome
What is AL?
A tour of your Brain

SF in the training room - key elements
9 Keys to Accelerated Learning

  1. Inspire the Desire
  2. Create the Learning Environment
  3. Give the Big Picture first, then the details
  4. Start with what they know already
  5. Speak only of Success
  6. Engage Multiple Intelligences
  7. Build in memory hooks
  8. Multi-layer the learning
  9. Rehearse and perform as part of the learning

DAY 2:

Theme: Learning as Process and Content

Accelerated Learning Cycle
Multi-layering your learning

SF in the process - design it into your training
Learning Design

Starting project work
Designing activations
VAK and Multiple Intelligences - start of project work Overviews
Discovery Phase: the 'teaching' pieces

DAY 3:

Theme: Learning and People

Appreciation and Flow - using SF language

Building hope and optimism
Using Music to positively enhance the effectiveness of learning
Evaluating training and learning
Designing performance and integration
The role of assessment
Project work with coaching
Project presentations and feedback
4.00pm Close

You will get: An 80 page manual packed with great ideas, total immersion in a complete system of learning, personal coaching on applying AL to your own material, book lists and details of resources and suppliers, 6 months telephone access to the trainers - free.

"I had a great time. As someone new to this field I've got lots of new things to do and I couldn't help noticing the old hands going Wow as well."Penny Edwards, Robins Cinemas Ltd

"The best train the trainer in Accelerated Learning by far in this country is Mark McKergow"
Steven Wilkinson-Carr, Solutions Consulting Ltd

"Six months on, I would I am still using the AL approach very successfully. Groups I have worked with for years made a special point of coming over to say they really enjoyed the course and a number have recently said how some of the points I made have really stuck with them! My course design is much quicker and I am getting even more referrals. Thank you both!"
Jim McLaughlin, Optima

"A genuinely stimulating session... Colleagues found it inspiring and fun. Not an easy feat with a large, diverse audience, but you were just what we needed."
Rachel Black, Assistant Director (Quality and Improvement), Suffolk Education Advisory Service.

"The course was excellent and extremely enjoyable. From now on training events will never be the same".
Jennifer Roche, AstraZeneca

"We've redesigned the training with sparkling results - for both the learners and the trainers!"
Colin Flegg, Clerical Medical Investment Group

You will find out about the work of many leaders of learning, and see how our current knowledge can be fitted together and applied to your own learning and training. The programme will introduce elements of the work of

Prof Roger Sperry - brain hemispheres
Georgi Lozanov and Evelina Gateva - suggestopedia
Paul McLean - triune brain theory
Tony Buzan - mind mapping
Howard Gardner - multiple intelligences
Prof Howard Gardner - multiple intelligences
Michael Lawler - creative training
Colin Rose - accelerated learning
Donald Kirkpatrick - learning evaluation
Dr Carla Hannaford - body and learning
Dr Mark McKergow - The Solutions Focus
Prof Guy Claxton - the Undermind
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - Flow
Prof Frances Rauscher - Mozart Effect
David Meier - accelerated learning

In just short time we can give you the shortcut to new ideas and revitalised learning. We use accelerated learning in all our own work, as well as help others apply it themselves.

The course includes an 80 page manual packed with great ideas, total immersion in a complete system of learning, personal coaching on applying AL to your own material, book lists and details of resources and suppliers, 6 months telephone access to the trainer - free. 

Your investment: £799 +VAT (Early Bird rate £699 +VAT until 1 April 2014).

SFCT members can book for a reduced rate of £699 +VAT (Early Bird £599 +VAT)

The course fees include all materials, lunches and refreshments.  Accomodation is available at Missenden Abbey for £70+VAT per night B&B - you can book this by calling them on 01494 866811 and saying you're on the sfwork course.  In the evenings we visit local restaurants & pubs to eat.  Please note that Missenden Abbey also sell their rooms on sites such as www.laterooms.com (searh on 'Missenden Abbey'), where you may be able to find a better rate (but we can't guarantee that there will be any rooms there).

Places are limited to 12 in total - so book now to reserve your seat.


Next Steps

SF for Trainers is available as an in-house training programme.  To discuss your particular requirements, call +44 (0)8453 707 145 or email info@sfwork.com

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