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iFLOW Training Day with Coaching

In-house one-day programme with follow-up coaching

You can bring iFLOW to life in your organisation - just give us a call.  We'll take you through the iFLOW process to rapidly realign your work systems with your personal style, producing a way of working that really works - for you.

On the training day you will:

  • Explore your existing productivity strengths, and found ways to deploy them to even greater effect
  • Survey your existing time management and personal effectiveness systems using our "Universal Workflow" model
  • Learn about the conditions which best help your work to "FLOW" - delivering better results with less stress
  • Develop your "iFLOW" systems for managing commitments, reducing prevarication and optimising productivity
  • Try out methods of "Gatekeeping" - responding well to demands without getting overwhelmed
  • Explore ways of "managing upwards": clarifying and negotiating
  • Discover the benefits of "Clearing Your Inbox" in managing high levels of email
  • Bring increased clarity to your purpose and priorities
  • Review your own recent progress at work, and plan for increased effectiveness in the coming day and the coming week
  • Commit to one specific "Time Investment" to continue to enhance your effectiveness over the coming weeks and months

"Fun and engaging," Jason James, HR Manager, UK Charity Retailer


The coaching session, 2-3 weeks later, is with Shakya Kumara, the creator of the iFlow model.  Because the coaching is individual, it is completely focused on you - your role, your ways of working and your particular goals in improving your time-effectiveness.  Shakya will help you

  • Build on the progress you’ve made since the training day
  • Ensure your systems are really matching your needs and aspirations
  • Draw on the most relevant expertise in the field of time management as applied to your particular situation
  • Clarify your next step forward in making the very best use of your time

Research suggests that such follow-up coaching doubles or trebles the value of a training course.

Massive step forward in clarifying values and establishing new working practices", Tony Lee, Warehousing Manager

 Read more about iFLOW with our new White Paper - what's different about iFLOW

(If you’d like to do this but aren’t ready to commit, email info@sfwork.com & tell us when you’d like your reminder.  As always, we promise: no spam, no sharing of your details.)

"I rate this programme 10/10. It's helped me be more efficient, get things done on time and prioritize better. I'm now fresher and more relaxed, happier and more available to my team members."   Isabelle Felix, International Logistics Team Manager, UK Retail Chain

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