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iFLOW: Time Management You've Got Time For

iFLOW is different to other forms of time management: it's all centred around you.  Its centred around your specific role, around the ways you like to work - and the specific progress you want to make.  With this approach, our clients often find that with just a two or three sessions of coaching, they've made all the progress they need and can get on with being highly effective.


So - what do you most want from improving your time management?

  • Do you want to start the day with clarity, purpose and direction, knowing exactly what to focus on and what to leave?
  • Do you want to enjoy your day, productively contributing to one area after another?
  • Do you want to finish the day with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, knowing your time and energy has been used to maximum effect?
  • ...or is there some other specific benefit you want?

Whatever your specific aims, iFLOW can help you make rapid progress.  iFLOW is "Time Management You've Got Time For" because:

  • iFLOW builds on what you’ve already established, revealing strengths you might not even realise you have .
  • iFLOW draws on the best of time management practice out there - from sources like Covey, Allen, Solutions Focus and many others.  But, uniquely with iFLOW, you'll only need to try the elements that fit with your needs, your approach to work  and your aspirations.
  • The way forward with iFLOW is one step at a time – each step tailor made for you and your situation, each step boosting your time-effectiveness in the direction you want it to go.



If you want to make progress quickly, with the minimum investment of time and energy, nothing beats the personal attention of a skilled and experienced coach. 

Coaching is completely tailored to your particular requirements, and can be by telephone/skype or at your desk.  Packages start at £450+VAT – with a full satisfaction guarantee.  (Discounts are available for public sector, charity and small business owners).  Contact us now to discuss how we can best meet your needs: shakya@sfwork.com or +44 (0)8453 707 145.


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If you'd like to find out more, check out our Frequently Asked Questions - or email your question to shakya@sfwork.com. (We especially love difficult questions -  they keep us on our toes and help us develop what we do!)

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