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Encounters with Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg - Contents list


Arild Aambø, Oslo, Norway
Keep it clean and simple!

Corina Ahlers, Vienna, Austria
Memories of Steve and Insoo

Marianne and Kaspar Baeschlin, Winterthur, Switzerland
Steve de Shazer and educators

Janet Beavin Bavelas, Victoria, BC, Canada
Memories of Steve and Insoo

Hans Benniks, Hilversum, The Netherlands
How Steve de Shazer has influenced my life as a therapist

Ursula Bühlmann-Stahli, Bern, Switzerland
Encounters for life

Hélène Dellucci, Lyon, France
My encounter with Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg

Kirsten Dierolf, Frankfurt, Germany
Found in translation

Yvonne Dolan, Chicago, USA
Hope is in the details, good days and bad days

Heinrich Dreesen, Bremen, Germany
A talking shirt and three oranges

Wolfgang and Marianne Gaiswinkler Roessler, Vienna, Austria
Our learning journey

Evan George, London, UK
"Just a bunch of talk"

Wallace J. Gingerich, Cleveland, USA
Observing what works

Joachim Hesse, Euskirchen, Germany
The miracle question as the beginning of a potentially wonderful healing

Debbie Hogan, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
A lasting legacy

Svea van der Hoorn, Cape Town, South Africa
Tragedy excavating to compost-making:
A journey that has progressed while reading Minimal Elegance by Steve de Shazer

Michael F. Hoyt, San Rafael, California, USA
Remembering Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg

Luc Isebaert, Bruges, Belgium
Steve in Bruges

Peter De Jong, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
My time with Steve and Insoo in Milwaukee

Peter Kaimer, Bamberg, Germany
Markers in rough terrain: Three memories of Steve & Insoo

Esther Maria Keil, Berlin, Germany

Harry Korman, Malmö, Sweden
Meeting Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg

Jan Kuipers, Groningen, The Netherlands
Respectful - Patient - Creative - Original - Unique: an encounter with Insoo Kim Berg

Jacek Lelonkiewicz, Lódz, Poland
Miracles, earthquakes and lessons

Eve Lipchik, Milwaukee, USA

Kurt Ludewig, Münster, Germany
The return to useful practice - or 'What I owe to Steve among other things'

Alasdair J. Macdonald, Carlisle, UK
Meeting Steve and Insoo

Mark McKergow, London, UK
Steve de Shazer: A different kind of cleverness (...and Paul Gonslaves)

Gale Miller, Milwaukee, USA
A guy from Milwaukee: Memories of Steve de Shazer

Scott. D. Miller, Chicago, USA
Harumph and hard work: Five years with Steve de Shazer and Insoo Berg at BFTC

Thorana S. Nelson, Utah, USA

Plamen Panayotov, Rousse, Bulgaria
Farewell to Insoo and Steve

Harvey Ratner, London, UK
Insoo: A woman of many parts

Gudrun Sickinger, Bremen, Germany
The wonder of the miracle question - you may wonder...

Therese Steiner, Embrach, Switzerland
Some memories

Philip Streit, Graz, Austria
So dry, so warm, so austere, so emotional - Steve de Shazer's exciting therapy

Vratislav Strnad, Prague, Czech Republic
Paradigmatic Suspense Summoned up by SFBT with Steve and Insoo

Peter Sundman, Helsinki, Finland
"Be creative!" - Steve's motto for how to develop solution-focused practice

Peter Szabó, Basel, Switzerland
Time with Steve and Insoo

Frank N. Thomas, Ford Worth, Texas, USA
Recursive memories of Insoo and Steve

Terry S. Trepper, Chicago, USA
"We have chairs here"

Coert Visser, Utrecht, The Netherlands
"You don't know what a mountain is, do you?"

Manfred Vogt, Bremen, Germany
A question of attitude

Michele Weiner-Davis, Boulder, USA
Thoughts of Steve and Insoo

John Wheeler, Newcastle, UK
Memories of Insoo and Steve

Ferdinand Wolf, Hornstein, Austria
Three episodes with Steve de Shazer: personal and professional

Sabine Zehnder Schlapbach, Bern, Switzerland
After 10 years Steve and Insoo are still ever present!

Yvonne Dolan, Chicago, USA
Recipes from Milwaukee


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